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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Project Deepnet?

A series of Browser Extensions that allow users to alter content on any webpage.

What do the current Deepnet Extensions actually do?

They allow you to insert “Shadows,” customizable ad-like objects promoting your thoughts and ideas, into any paragraph on any page.

What is a Shadow, exactly?

A shadow looks and functions like an Ad. It’s a little box that appears to the left of the paragraph with which it is matched. A Shadow contains an Image, a very short Header, and one or two short lines of text. There is also a link component to the shadow. When somebody clicks on the shadow, it will take them to another page.

How do I Insert a Shadow in a Page?

Go to any webpage. Hit Ctrl+Z. This will toggle edit mode on (hitting Ctrl+Z again will toggle it back off). An INSERT_SHADOW link will appear next to each and every paragraph in the page. Choose the paragraph where the shadow will go and click INSERT_SHADOW. A new tab will open in your browser window, taking you to the Shadow Search page. From here, you can search for existing shadows, or create a new shadow of your own.

How do I Create a Custom Shadow?

On the Shadow Search page, type in a few brief keywords describing your shadow, and then click the “Make Custom Shadow” button. This will take you to the Shadow Creation page. Here, you must fill in the components which make up a shadow; link url, header, one to two lines of text, and image. If you like, you may fill in all components manually, and then upload an image from your Desktop. However, if you don’t have a link url or image in mind, you may use the Google Stream which appears below the Shadow Creation form. When you are ready, click “Upload Custom Shadow” to generate a preview of the shadow you created. After previewing the shadow, click “Match Shadow to Page.”

How do I Use the Google Search Stream When Creating the Custom Shadow?

The Google Search Stream appears in two columns below the “Upload Custom Shadow” button in the Shadow creation page. The left column is composed of images. The right column is composed of webpage search results. The contents of both columns are generated from the keywords you inputted before clicking “Make Custom Shadow” on the Shadow Search Page. These columns are there to ease the process of actually creating the shadow. If you see an image you like, click “copy” below it to make it your shadow image. If you see a webpage you like, click “copy” below to make it your shadow link url.

Who will be Able to See My Shadow After I Match it to a Page?

Anyone and everyone running the Deepnet Extension who happens to visit that page!

Once I have Matched a Shadow to a Page, will that Shadow Stay there Permanently?

Anyone can delete any shadow they don’t like. If someone doesn’t like your shadow, it will be deleted. If everybody loves your shadow, it will there until the end of time!

How do I Delete a Shadow I don’t Like?

Hit Ctrl+Z to toggle edit mode. An option to DELETE_SHADOW will appear next to all the shadows in the page. Click DELETE_SHADOW next to the shadow you don’t like.

How do I Share my Shadow Match with My Friends?

Hit Ctrl+Z to toggle edit mode. An option to Share_On_Facebook will appear next to each Shadow in the page. Hit it. Also, you have the option of announcing your shadow match on Deepnet’s Twitter feed.

How I Announce my Shadow Match on Deepnet’s Twitter Feed?

When previewing your shadow prior to making the match, you will see a check box to “Announce Match on Deepnet Twitter Feed” right below the shadow preview. If the box stays checked, your match will be announced on as soon as you make it. All announcements take the form off “#Deepnet shadow_match_url”. If the url is too long, it will be shrunk down in order to comply with Twitter’s 140 character limit. Follow Deepnet on to keep track of all the latest shadow matches.

This Deepnet Thing, is it Even Legal?

Yes, its perfectly legal!! That’s the beautiful part! Publishers may not like it, but there’s absolutely nothing they can do about it. Deepnet doesn’t actually alter their content. What it does is allow you to alter your perception of that content, and to share your new perspective with the world.


Is the Extension Secure?

Very Secure! We take all privacy/security concerns very seriously. That is why all Javascript executed by the Extensions is clearly organized and carefully commented, for total transparency. Anyone with lingering security concerns can easily read all Deepnet related code executed by their browser, and ally their fears. We challenge anyone who disbelieves us to find a single line of code that is not secure. It can't be done!


What is Deepnet's Privacy Policy?

Our goal is to provide the functionality we promise without interfering with the privacy of our users. The ONLY details we record in our database are the URLs where a Shadow has been matched, as well as a sketch of the Shadow Match itself. We do not record pages where no Shadow Matches have taken place. Our interests lie in altering the structure of the internet, not in following individual users around.